Saturday, February 16, 2013

Midway thoughts on Winter season and upcoming Spring season!

So we're about at that halfway mark with most of the winter shows and the new chart for the spring season has come about, so I figure now may be a decent enough time to post about what I've thought of the winter season shows sofar as well as my expectations for next season. So here we go!

My thoughts on the show in a nutshell

"Hey wait a second, this wasn't on my the winter season first impressions!" Well that's what usually happens with me and anime seasons, sometimes I happen to hear enough of a show mid season to make me want to check it out. for the fall season last year it was for Kokoro Connect, and for this season its for Kotoura-san. I avoided this show initially because it seemed like it was going to be the drama of some girl with psychic powers and there'd be crying every 5 seconds. In a way it still very much is, but I decided to give it a shot after nonchalantly watching a video from Jesu Otaku who described it as "funny as fuck". I don't find myself to be someone who matches her tastes in anime to a tee (hell I mostly watch the reviews on that site for entertainment most of the time) but that description made me curious and I'm glad I was.

Since I'm sure most of you have probably seen the show (and if you haven't take advantage of the myanimelist link I put in the shows title) I'll proceed to talk about it disregarding spoilers and without plot summary. In a way I could see what she was talking about as in the beginning dramatic part I was pretty much banging my chair asking why Kotaru san didn't simply keep her trap shut and so the expected discrimination came. The only time I felt any true sympathy for her was when her mom pretty much tells her she wish she never gave birth to her and ditches her. Then there were a few more scenes just to show how much life seems to hate her to which, I will be honest, I sorta laughed when no one would even let her take care of a damn cat. However none of that is particularly the reason why I enjoy the show, its the moment when the Kotaru, now in high school and is pretty much in 'fuck the world mode' anticipates all of her classmates negative thoughts against her and then she looks at the guy who she has to sit next to and she sees....


  a large green flag showed up for me that I was going to like this.

I like my goofball characters and the fact that this guy is the main and has such a great interaction with Kotaru made this a very easy Marathon venture yesterday. Even though there is some drama, which after that beginning was to be expected in my eyes, I didn't find it as annoying as I thought I would, it ain't perfect but good enough.

Oureshura: Normally with the new set of characters in these harem shows, its at the point where I get ready to start liking the show a little less, however I'm oddly not having that effect here. I suppose that's because in there own right new characters Himeka and Ai have been pretty funny to me, which I didn't see coming. I have to say that's all it has going for it though there wasn't anything particularly eventful after the 'burning fighting fightah' episode, and Masuzu's possible story arc isn't being handled that well in my opinion. It merely keeps coming up in short bursts within the humor and Himeko's appearance, this was the worst in episode 7 where there was supposed to be an emotional moment for Masuzu but it made Himeka the focus all of a sudden. While I do enjoy Eita stepping up to defend the members of his harem, pacing for that scene made it hard for me to fully appreciate it. I'm still watching since I find it to be one of the funnier shows I'm watching this season but I seriously don't expect it to be anything special in the long run, which is better than what I can say for some other shows...

Tamako Market: If anything else the show is charming enough, and thanks to Mochiyucky and some inklings of an overall plot, it isn't boring me like K-on. I can probably assume that the show is trying to subtly build up to something from episode to episode, as the song Tamako sings and certian other things seem to be dropped off from episode to episode, wether it will have any pay off or not is to be seen but I do think the show is holding something back and I'm curious enough to see what it is. I'm not the the type to be disturbed by moe or anything I just don't want to be bored (ala K-on) and this show is definetly a step above it, it ain't Nichijou or Chuu2 and it sure as hell ain't Hyouka or Haruhi but its enough to keep me watching for a while.

Mayoyuu: Admittedly, I'm kind of behind on this series, as for why, well I find it hard to fixate my full attention to this show. It has interesting Ideas and all but that's it, my charm with the Maou and the Hero has been decreasing and I'm finding very little to care about. the last episode I remember seeing was when the Hero was about to go into demon world to help his mage friend. I still plan to keep some tabs on it but I really can't get motivated enough with this series...I hear people keep comparing it to some other show, I wonder if that's more fun...

Haganai NEXT: I'm not finding this to be as funny as the previous season to be honest. It does have its momments, there are a few small points that I'm interested in seeing and my fimilarity with the series but that's really all that's keeping me from dropping this season.

I posted a section about some manga I got with gift card money and Attack of the titan was one of those titles. I had heard of this series for a while and after seeing a pretty kick ass trailer for it I decided to buy volume one and...yeah you guys know that I'm interested in the series so watching the anime is pretty much a no brainier. I should probably buy volume two before it debuts though...

I think its pretty obvious that I'm a fan of Index at this point but I have a love/hate relationship with its spin off railgun. I found season 1 to be mostly boring and annoying due to more Kuroko screen time, and I felt like I got gypped as the biribiri screen time I was initially hoping for turned out to be slice of life shenanigans. Its not like I have an issue with slice of life but I wanted Misaka to do more things involving the dark side of academy city or do SOMETHING that was relevant. We have a magic vs. science scenario on our hands and we're just flipping skirts and putting up with Kuroko? "WHAT A WASTE!" I thought (though I did like Misaka's additional moments with Touma and her fight with the giant fetus)

This time however its different. I fortunately read the manga (which I feel is better despite character designs) and found a little gem of an arc that focuses on Misaka's first encounter with the sisters and the level 6 shift project. "FINALLY!!" I thought, THAT was what I wanted! And to add whipped creme on, Kuroko has pretty minimal screen time here! the only down side is that I know how its gonna end since I saw Index and while I don't have an issue with the conclusion, it kinda stunk that the best part about the series in my opinion had to borrow that heavily from the main least the arc afterwards has proven interesting enough...

Doing a bit of reaserch, it this is a reboot of one of those anime classics that's been out for a while now and I suppose this is the continuation. As with Minami Ke, I cannot enter this blindsided and will have to see the reboot from the begining.

Eh....I suppose...

As you can tell from my tone I wasn't especially a fan of season 1, which mostly goes to Kirino just being unlikable to me (again, from a guy who can tolorate f**king Haruhi) however the characters around her were likable enough and the last few extra episodes that ended after the series first run were pretty fun. The more I think about it the more I'm willing to check this one out. It will overall depend on how much I can deal with Kirino, but that's the joy of having a sizable cast, if you don't like one character, you can pay more attention to the other ones.

As for the OVA's and Films the only ones noteworthy for me is the Setokai Yakuindomo OVA, which is stuck in the Kissxsis OVA cycle apparently and that thing that wasn't my childhoo- I mean DBZ movie. All I can say for both is that I'll look at them when they come out, talk about them as well as their overall series abit but these are hardly series worth writing multiple paragraphs over in the name of speculation. That's all for now so til next time;



  1. Great Blog. Spring anime looks to be better than winter anime. Attack on titan looks to be something I'm gonna try to watch

    1. Thanks! Having seen some of the manga, I can agree that Titan seems like it'll be one of the bigger shows this seasons.

    2. Yea this years winter anime wasn't that great. No New Anime titles interested me. I hope you write more frequently,you have the skill for writing.